Emporia Community Day Care Center consolidating and expanding to meet Community and Family Needs


Emporia Community Day Care Center (ECDCC) is once again meeting community and family needs through expansion and growth. The ECDCC's  Board decision to purchase the former Teacher’s Hall of Fame Building will allow the three centers currently in three locations to consolidate into one.

“We have plans of more than doubling our infant and toddler slots, which is the community’s biggest demand. We always have a waiting list for the babies. This new facility would help many parents, whether working or going to school, know their child is safe and learning! A summer school age classroom is a possibility in the new site also, said Deb Crowl, administrator of ECDCC.

The Center received a generous matching grant of $750,000 from the W. S. and E. C. Jones Trust. Matching funds can be comprised of cash donations or in-kind donations. The ECDCC is a 501 (c), nonprofit and all gifts are tax deductible. Levels of donations include:

$75,000 for a new kitchen facility

$65,000 for technology in the classrooms

$50,000 per classroom

$35,000 for an indoor play space

$20,000 for a library/safe room (tornado shelter)

Individual donations will also be accepted in any amount.

 “As a United Way community partner we have always appreciated the support of Emporia and the surrounding area,” said Crowl. “In the past, the centers have always tried to meet community needs and now we in turn need the support of our community.

The consolidation of all three centers into one would help many parents know that their children are safe and learning. Angela Combes has two children attending Emporia Community Day Care Center. “My oldest son is four-years old and he has attended both Emporia Child Care Center lll and Center ll.  When he started at Center lll he was eight months old and he learned so much from both the teachers and the other kids in his class.  The peer role models he had enticed him to walk proficiently by the age of ten months and to potty train by the age of two. When I learned that I was expecting my second, I instantly ran to get my child on the waiting list, even before I told anyone else I was pregnant. The Emporia community’s need for quality infant child care is so high and I wanted to ensure a spot for my new little one.  Now I have my four year old attending Center ll and my ten month old attending Center lll.” Combes said.  

 “Both are centers of the highest quality but the inconvenience of having my two children at separate locations causes me to run a full circle of Emporia twice a day. Because of each centers age restrictions and limited space some days the marathon pickup run becomes overwhelmingly frustrating.  To have one facility that could house both of my children would be ideal and an amazing dream come true,” she said.   

When Emporia Community Day Care Center’s doors were first opened in 1971 it served approximately 30 children, ages three to six years. The center was located at the First Presbyterian Church, 802 Commercial. An increased need for quality child care resulted in the opening of a second center in 1976 and it is currently located at 2011 W 12th.  Although the two centers were meeting the need for care for children ages three to six, there was a strong demand for infant and toddler care. A third center was opened in 2001 in the lower level of the Lyon County Health Department and was designed specifically to serve infants and toddlers.  The three centers currently serve over 100 children, ages two weeks to six years.

The goal is to have the former Teachers Hall of Fame building renovated by December, so that all three sites can relocate. For more information or to donate to the ECDCC Fund please contact Deb Crowl at 620-343-2888 or

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